The secret of the Goldstone in Hove Park

Hove Park is an amazing park but it is also full of bushy areas, shrubs and rabbit & fox holes underneath the ground. Did you know that there is a connection between Hove Park and druids? You can read all about in the chapter ‘Surprise-Saturday and the secret of the Goldstone’ in the adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer.

When Buster visited Hove Park for the very first time, accompanied by his pal Otto, they bumped into a massive piece of stone. It was a rock, right there in the park. It looked like a meteor had landed in Hove Park. Buster wondered whether heĀ discovered a new Stonehenge in Brighton & Hove! In the book a black crow tells Buster and Otto about the myths behind the mysterious rock formation.

Hove Park has become immensely popular with local residents, dogs and runners.
It features a mix of large areas of open grass, mature trees, flower beds and recreational facilities. It’s a fantastic place where dogs can play around with other dogs and run around through the open grass. You can also sit down for a breakfast, lunch or a cuppa at the Hove Park Cafe. A great place to meet up with friends or simply watching the day go by!



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