Today I would like to put the spotlights on … Hannah Brackenbury!

Hannah Brackenbury

In 2013 when I wrote my book ‘Ooh Yes I Do!’ Hannah kindly gave permission to use her stunning photography and I am very delighted to have her fabulous photographs featured in the gay & lesbian wedding guide. She is a multi-talented individual who has a finger in many pies. Hannah Brackenbury is a musical comedy performer gigging regularly around Brighton and London, as well as hosting women’s comedy nights. She is also an experienced NCTJ-qualified photographer and once she has been described as Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin’s lesbian love child!

Hannah has just released her new album called ‘Jumbled’ packed with hilariously funny songs and I can say that I’m amazingly proud of her. It’s a cheeky, witty and cleverly written album. Two of my favourite songs are ‘High on a hill’ (imagine yourself dancing like Maria Von Trap through the fields in the Alps) and ‘PS I love you’ (a song about passionately falling in love in the PoundShop) and the ‘oh so’ unexpected twist! The fabulous track ‘I’m not really feeling myselfie’ is a true song about people putting up their photos online and their age. This song will put a smile on your face. Hannah writes her own compositions, which she accompanies on piano. She is a professional comedy writer and she is gifted with an amazing voice.

Hannah’s style of comedy would do very well in the Netherlands. In Dutch her type of shows would be classed as ‘cabaret’ and is usually performed in theatres. ‘Cabaret’ is often a mixture of (stand-up) comedy, theatre, and music and often includes social themes and satire.

Hannah is currently touring through the UK until end of April. Check out her website for more info.








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