Second edition Ooh Yes I Do! out now

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve now self-published the second edition of Ooh Yes I Do! The ultimate gay & lesbian wedding planner.  Today I received the first print and I must say, I’m very chuffed with the result. The book was self-published in 2013 and since then more countries introduced same-sex marriage. The book was in need of corrections and updates which made the revision necessary.

Amendments and updates:

Page 17: ‘How to use this guide’, text has been added.
Page 34: ‘Expenses examples’, all registrar fees have been updated (fees with effect from April 2017).
Pages 42 – 45: Notes pages (amendment).
Page 50: ‘Minimum age’ (amendment).
Pages 54 – 55: ‘Notice of intention’ (amendment).
Pages 69 – 72: ‘Music suggestions’, further music suggestions have been added.
Pages 74 – 75: ‘Getting married abroad’ (amendment).
Pages 76 – 77: Notes pages (amendment).
Pages 130 – 131: ‘Overview and terminology’ (amendment).
Pages 132 – 133: There are now two separate pages about the first registered partnerships and the first equal marriage.
Pages 138 – 139: ‘United Kingdom’, civil partnerships in the UK and Equal marriage in the UK (amendment).
Page 125: Ireland same-sex marriage (amendment).
Page 147: Europe, types of same-sex unions (amendment).
Pages 194 – 195: About Richard (amendment).
Page 197: About Hannah Brackenbury (amendment).
Pages 202 – 211: 10 photos of same-sex couples have been added (including new photography).

The chapter ‘Equal Marriages & Civil Unions’ has been renamed ‘Marriage & Civil Unions’.

Interior amendments:
The background templates on each page (grey confetti) have been replaced with white pages. The main letter font has been revised and has increased to 15.

The original photography has been edited and enhanced.  A thin black border has been added to all photography.

Revised books keep their original titles and are often published as new editions. The revised edition of Ooh Yes I Do! will be called a second edition and keeps the same cover, contents and ISBN number.

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