Oscar’s Big Walk! Fundraising Event and Dog Walk for Oscar the dog.

Oscar’s Big Walk! Fundraising Event and Dog Walk for Oscar the dog.

A fundraising event will take place on Sunday 7th May in the Big Park in Peacehaven, organised by Emma Lee (Brighton Dog Care), Kate McKay and author Richard Gough-Buijs to raise funds for a dog named Oscar. Emma Lee needs to raise £7,000.00 to cover Oscar’s vet bills and operation and she has raised £1,700.00 so far.

Oscar was fostered by Emma Lee (who runs Brighton Dog Care) after a Facebook post was pleading for someone to give 3 year old Oscar a chance as 15 rescue centres had refused to take him in! The poor Oscar was booked in to be put to sleep on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 due to a extremely rare medical incontinence condition. Emma Lee just could not bear the thought of such a beautiful little dog being put to sleep so she and her friend fostered him! Emma Lee has set up a fundraising page to raise money for Oscar.

Oscar’s Story

Oscar’s previous owners got him when he was 8 months old and they were never told of his incontinence. Over the 2 and a half years they had Oscar in their family and have spent a fortune on vet bills, tests, scans and medication. The only option now would be an operation. Things got difficult when they discovered they had another baby on the way.

Oscar now spends his days coming to work with Emma Lee and his evenings at his second owners flat where she showers him with love and affection! They are struggling to stem the flow of his leak using , puppy pads, nappies and an elasticated waste band. They are raising money for his general upkeep, vet bills and eventually his operation.

Emma Lee said: “Every little helps so thank you all for taking the time to read about our beautiful little boy that we would love to give a second chance, new lease of life, and a life without nappies!”

The Big Park Dog Walking Group meets on a monthly basis in the Big Park in Peacehaven. The group walks are fun for you and your dog(s). Meet like minded people with their dogs for a Saturday or Sunday walk as a member of a group. The park is situated within the South Downs National Park and it’s the perfect place to have a walk with the doggies. Any kind of dog and their humans are welcome! You can join the group on Facebook. Just search for The Big Park Dog Walking Group.

You can purchase raffle tickets for £1 each, payment taken via Emma Lee’s PayPal account. Please reference payments as “TBPDW” (your name)” so we can keep track of payments and who have made them! PayPal account details: Emmalee1@ntlworld.com . Once paid please message Emma Lee directly so she can give you your raffle numbers! All prizes must be collected or arranged for Emma Lee to deliver (locally for an extra small donation to Oscar).

Oscar’s Big Walk, Sunday 7th May 2017 at The Big Park (Centenary Park), Piddinghoe Avenue, Peacehaven, BN10 8RH
10:30am: Cake and raffle tickets sale

11:30am: Big Park Dog Walk

12:30pm: Cake and raffle tickets sale followed by raffle.

Meet outside the Gateway Café

Oscar’s Facebook page

Oscar’s website

Contact Emma on 07773 561246 or emmaleebdc@gmail.com

Contact Richard on: richardgoughbuijs@gmail.com 


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