Adventures of Buster the Miniature Schauzer!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be self-publishing my fourth book: Adventures of Buster the Miniature Schnauzer! The book is a collection of short stories as featured in my two books Ooh Yes I Woof! and The Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book and are now combined into one book.

I have created a new colour cover featuring Tracie Heart and Buster. Tracie was Buster’s real life dog walker and I can confirm they are still best friends! I also reviewed the font and I’ve chosen a new font Times New Roman. The chapters Once upon the first Miniature Schnauzer was born, Animal Doctor’s Clarissa’s workshop and Quiz-Time have been omitted from this release.

The book concludes with a story about the mad baker & pastry chef Julia Baxter and the Dog’s Favourite Recipes. For the new release I have created an extra chapter which now includes all 40 recipes for dogs as featured in the Dog’s Favourite recipe Book.

Adventures of Buster a Miniature Schnauzer will be released in January 2018. Available on Amazon. £9.99. Paperback. b/w.  211 pages.

About the book

Adventures of Buster the Miniature Schnauzer is a fantasy and fiction book for children and grown-up adults.

Buster’s exciting adventures will take you to fascinating places in the South of England such as Hangleton Manor in Hove, Pains Twitter in Lewes, the i360, Puget”s Lane and Stanmer House in Brighton and Devonshire Park in Eastbourne.

These stories are about fun, love, making friends and sometimes a scary moment. Buster tells you all about his adventures with his dog walker Tracie Heart and the Red Speed Demon, his evil puppy-class trainer Guru George, the mystery of the missing pod from the i360 and he is accordingly invited for an afternoon with … the Queen! The book concludes with a story about the mad baker & pastry chef Julia Baxter and … the Dog’s Favourite Recipes!


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