New book in the making

I’m excited to announce that I’ve started working on a new project: a short-story collection with a supernatural aspect. In 2017 I wrote a couple of short ghost-stories for Kensington Gore’s ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ and I really enjoyed doing that. This writing exercise inspired me to start writing a collection of short stories myself based in and around Brighton & Hove.

I live in the South of England where ghosts, the occult and witchcraft still play an important part in people’s lives. For centuries castles, mansions, churches, graveyards and old towns have been an inspiration for many poets and writers.

Writing supernatural fiction can be very exciting for authors. It really allows you to let your imaginations run wild, for in supernatural fiction we ask readers to suspend their disbelief and enter worlds where characters can time travel, where ghosts shimmer in and out of the story or where we are thousands of years in the future. A supernatural story can be about anything.

I have always been fascinated by anything supernatural like telepathy, ghosts, the occult, paranormal activity, folklore and magic. As a child I read books about fairytales, vampires, witchcraft, egyptology and astrology. When I grew older I started reading fiction like Pet’s Cemetery (Stephen King), Foucault’s Pendulum (Umberto Eco), Devil’s Advocate (Andrew Neiderman), Mists Of Avalon (Marion Bradley) and recently The Venetian by Shani Struthers.

The short stories for my next book will be set in the past, present and future featuring several stories set in Hove. I’m planning to launch the book in 2019.

In October I’ll be attending a ghost story workshop in the Regency Town House in Hove. The old house is known for making noises, especially late at night, which no one is able to explain. Several visitors have said they’ve encountered ghosts in the dark corridors of the unsettling basement at 10 Brunswick Square. The basement has remained largely untouched since it’s 19th Century heyday as servant’s quarters. Will I be going on another guided-tour through the dark corridors leading to the haunted kitchen? I think i can feel another story coming up!


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