The Black Lion Cottage progress

First of all I would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year and good health!

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on the Black Lion Cottage and I’m happy and also relieved to announce that the book has now been written! The main story is set in 16th century Britain and tells the untold story of Derrick Carver who ran the Black Lion brewery and Inn in Brighthelmstone (Brighton). In 2018 the Black Lion Cottage, situated behind it, is rented out as a holiday-let and the guests who are staying over are caught up in supernatural experiences. Now the book has been written it’s time to revise it. During this stage I’ll be adding, replacing or removing words and I’ve kept a notebook with ideas for additional scenes and stories. A couple of lovely people have offered to beta-read my work and I’ll be looking forward to their advice or opinions nearer the time. The short stories could still change but I believe that the main story will pretty much stay the same.

Alongside writing I’ve been doing some exciting and extensive research for the main story which is set during the reign of Henry VIII and Mary Tudor. I’m now the proud owner of the book History of Britain & Ireland, a beautifully illustrated chronicle with factual information. I’ve always loved reading about history and part 3 Tudors and Stuarts and the break with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1540’s was of particular of interest to me.

My book should be released by Spring this year. Keep an eye on my website or social media for further updates!

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