Black Lion Cottage update

It’s been four months ago since I gave you an update about Black Lion Cottage, and isn’t it funny how time flies. After having taken on board the feedback from my beta-readers, I announced in May I needed a little bit more time to get it right. Well, I can say I have been working hard, developing the book, giving it more depth, storyline, and more explanation. Writing, for me, is a lengthy process as I try to write whenever I can. I work during the week, have a family life, cook our own meals, and take the dog out for long walks. Therefore I solely rely on the evenings, and if I’m lucky, there may be some spare time over the weekend. The good thing is I do manage to find the time to write, and the book is getting there. Recently I have (re)visited graveyards, gardens, houses etc. as featured in the book, which has helped me to describe the story in more detail. I am currently doing another review before it goes back to the beta-readers for a final read. Books take time, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

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