Welcome to my website. I’m the author of ‘Ooh Yes I Woof!’ The adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer and ‘Ooh Yes I Do!’ The ultimate gay & lesbian wedding planner (including stunning photography by Hannah Brackenbury). My books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bol.com, Books Depository, CreateSpace and many other websites.

“Once upon a time, during the winter of 1970, a boy named Richard was born in The Netherlands. His father worked for a Dutch coffee company and in his spare-time he watched football and cycling. He also enjoyed doing carpentry in the attic.
Richard’s mother was a domestic house goddess and also helped out her own mother and neighbour with house cleaning. She loved cycling and sang along to songs from Neil Diamond to Barbra Streisand.

Two years and four months later there was a huge storm and a stork brought a little baby brother to their family home who was nicknamed Koko. His brother Koko liked pulling faces and he enjoyed eating his meals with apple puree.

Richard loved to clean the house with grandmother’s vacuum cleaner and he loved listening to music. On one of his birthdays he was given a vinyl album by ABBA and the song ‘Dancing Queen’ became one of his most favourite songs.

Many years later Richard moved to Brighton where he met his future husband Michael at a Eurovision Song Contest party organised by their friends David and Declan. Michael likes traveling, singing and eating Charbonnel et Walker’s pink Marc de Champagne truffles.
They both married in a palace, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and lived happily ever after.

Nowadays Richard cleans their house with a Dyson hoover and he listens to ABBA music on iTunes”.

I love writing, cooking, traveling, visiting art exhibitions & museums, theatres and I like photography. I also like socialising with family and friends.

Alongside writing a book I have made some paintings, I maintained and administered websites and I have done Press and PR work for the Rainbow Chorus.

Looking back I realised that I always had a passion for being creative and it’s great that I have met a husband who is as equally creative as I am. In December 2011, three months after our wedding, I started writing a wedding planner for same-sex couples. Photographer Hannah Brackenbury gave her permission to use some stunning photography from her back-catalogue of wedding photography.
The pictures fitted perfectly in the book’s concept and I was very satisfied with the result.
The book was self-published through CreateSpace in 2013 as a reference guide for same-sex couples who want to get married.

The following year we introduced a new family member to our household, a 9 week old black & silver Miniature Schnauzer. We called him Buster! We were completely new to training puppies and after the necessary indoor and outdoor training, Buster became a very well behaved doggy. Buster’s experiences and walks in the neighbourhood, Brighton & Hove and even abroad inspired me to start writing my second book ‘Ooh Yes I Woof!’ The adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer. It was self-published in 2016 through CreateSpace.

‘Ooh Yes I Woof!’ is about a fantasy story based on the real life of our Miniature Schnauzer’s first year. In this book Buster tells you about his exciting adventures with Tracie Heart and the Red Speed Demon, Master Guru George, the white miniature schnauzer Otto, the family in the Holland House and an afternoon tea with the … Queen!

Currently I’m in the process of writing a new book which I hope to self-publish by or before Spring 2017.

I hope you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Kind regards


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