Brighton & Hove Book Fayre

The Brighton & Hove Book Fayre was founded in 2017 by local authors Richard Gough-Buijs, P.J. Blakey-Novis and P.J.’s wife Leanne, who manages Red Cape Graphic Design. As of December 2021 I’m no longer part of the organisation and Pete and Leanne will continue to organise future events.

Saturday May 12th 2018 saw the very first Brighton & Hove Book Fayre at All Saints in Hove; a new event dedicated to books and authors. It was the first Community Literary Festival in Brighton & Hove and there was a wide range of books available to suit all tastes.

The second event took place at The Open Market in Brighton on Saturday November 24th 2018, a vibrant venue with lots of local traders. It was a great opportunity to meet local published and self-published authors who were selling and signing copies of their books on the day.  Supernatural, lgbt, horror, history, horror, fiction, children’s books etc. The event was attended by nearly 30 authors taking over the entire market square, connecting authors and readers. It was a ‘feel-good’ event.

The third event, the Brighton & Hove Summer Book Fayre, took place at the Brighton Unitarian Church. It was a fun day, and everyone was in great spirit. Some authors even ventured outside with their tables and books to attract readers, braving the sea breezes. It worked very well for both authors in- and outside, and we’ve been attracting people until closing time.

The book fair on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at the Brighton Unitarian Church saw the highest foot-fall ever.

All photography by: Richard Gough-Buijs

Corinna Edwards-Colledge, Vee McGivney, and Shani Struthers
Rasmenia Massoud
Eugene D’Rozario
Diny van Kleeff
Adam Searle

Sarina Wheatman
Janet Hardacre
Lou Yardley
Alex Willis
Judith Thomson
Natasha Murray
The Raven’s Book Bunker
Rohace Piercy
Angela Fish
Amanda Daley & Simon Davey
Amanda Davey
My books
My books