My books

I’ve been a published and self-published writer since 2011. In 2013 I published my first book, Ooh Yes I Do! which featured in Pink news, Pink Weddings magazine, and the Brighton & Hove wedding brochure.

The Gluten Free Mediterranean Cookbook is packed with naturally gluten free recipes and it’s great for Coeliacs. The recipes in this cookbook are based on fresh food and it doesn’t include additives or preservatives so you know exactly what goes into your food. From appetisers to salads and from sauces, mains to desserts. Let’s go back to basic cooking and create naturally gluten free recipes from the ever so delightful and tasty Mediterranean Cuisine!

Available as paperback and Kindle book (text only)

The Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book includes 40 healthy & easy made recipes your dog will love! Biscuits, snacks, baking recipes, dog food, refreshing frozen recipes and Richard’s Favourite Cocktails* * but only for grown up human consumption! This new edition includes further reading on dog food, diet, grains, allergies, contamination etc. Happy baking!

Ooh Yes I Woof! The adventures of a Miniature Schnauzer is a fantasy-story based on the real life of our Miniature Schnauzer’s first year. In this book Buster tells you about his exciting adventures with Tracie Heart and the red Speed Demon, Master Guru George, the white miniature schnauzer Otto, the family in the Holland Hosue, and an afternoon-tea with the … Queen!