New gluten free cookbook

In 2017 I wrote my first gluten free cookbook and I always played with the idea to write another cookbook.

Last year we decided to ditch the gas hob and swap it for an electric induction hob, slow cooker and a side benefit: extra storage! The oven was very rarely used – apart from the occasional pizzas and Easter or Christmas dinner – and we thought it would be better for the environment to switch from gas to electricity. Fore example, in Toronto newly built appartments are being sold without built-in ovens.

This month it’s one year our household has been without an oven and I’m happy to say there’s no way back. We have a microwave, a toaster, an electric induction hob, a slow cooker and it does the trick.

People kept on mentioning slow cookers for years so now it was my turn, the chef in the house, to make the most of the newly acquired black Crock Pot (or slow cooker) which always seems to remind me of a witch’s cauldron. After a year experimenting with slow cooker recipes and making them gluten free I can reveal I absolutely love my slow cooker! All you need to do is prep the vegetables, throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker, switch it on and leave it alone whilst you’re studying, working or enjoying a day out. Vegetables have never tasted better, poultry and meat are so tender and sauces fully of flavour.

One year on I thought it would be the right time to put my favourite recipes into a cookbook and share them with coeliacs and people who follow a gluten free diet. I have learned that you can make easy and delicious meals in a slow cooker varying from stews and roasts to curries and chillis -and, I even tried vegan recipes! This book includes about 100 recipes for breakfast, brunch and lunch, soups, vegetarian, poultry, fish, meat recipes and after dinner drinks – in that order. Most recipes are prepped in 15 minutes and slowly simmered all day (or night). These recipes will let your house smell amazing! Cover reveal and release date to be announced soon!

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