Eastbourne Book Festival

On Saturday 11th November I attended the Eastbourne Book Festival 2017 at the Underground Theatre. The theatre is the hidden gem of Eastbourne’s Art scene.

The festival, now in it’s third year, featured many local authors who discussed their works and all their books were offered for sale.

It was a lovely event and I really enjoyed meeting visitors and other authors like Peter Blakey-Novis (The Broken Doll), Dorit Oliver Wolff (From Yellow Star to Pop Star), Linda Osborne (Where Is My Father), Alex Willis (Buchanan, the bodies in the Marina) and Sam Davey (Angels of Islington). Everyone had a great story to tell and yes, I did buy a copy of their books too.

It’s interesting to know that this year’s book festival was in association with Eastbourne Centre library. Thank you for having me and I’m looking forward to next year’s event!

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