The Gluten Free Mediterranean Cookbook available from mid March 2018!

I’m very pleased to announce that the Gluten Free Mediterranean Cookbook will be available from mid March 2018!

My new book is packed with naturally gluten free recipes from appetisers and salads to sauces, mains and desserts. The best thing is: it’s great for Coeliacs. The recipes in this cookbook are based on fresh food and it doesn’t include additives or preservatives so you know exactly what goes into your food.

I was diagnosed with Coeliac (disease) in 2013 and I had to remove gluten containing food from my diet. It was a bit of a challenge to start with but soon I realised that many dishes I’ve been cooking were already naturally gluten free, especially recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

I did some research online and became a member of Coeliac UK.  For nearly 50 years they have been the experts on coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. Coeliac UK is an independent charity helping people living without gluten to live happier and healthier lives. Thanks to their ongoing research and Food & Drink guide (where would a Coeliac be without it?) I successfully adapted to a new diet.

In 2017 I was working on a concept for my next book and I managed to combine most of my ideas into a cookbook. The authentic recipes in this book originate from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Syria, Malta and so many more. I’ve been a home cook since my early twenties and I’ve tried out many of the recipes in this book. Some of the recipes have been added over the last couple of years.

The Gluten Free Mediterranean Cookbook includes approximately 100 authentic naturally gluten free recipes, short travel stories to Greece Morocco, Spain and Southern France (including where to eat suggestions) and a range of Gluten Free restaurants cards which were kindly reprinted for this book with permission of Roger, founder of, simply wanted to help other coeliacs to avoid the problems he had getting gluten free food when dining out. You can take these cards (or the book) with you when you eat out in Mediterranean countries.

During my life I have always been a frequent visitor of farmers markets, Italian & Greek deli-shops and Moroccan & Turkish mini-markets selling fresh food and non-perishables food. I’m lucky to live nearby the Sardinian deli-shop L’Isola Buona in Newhaven. L’Isola Buona is run by siblings Newhaven-based Lucia and professional chef Antonello and Sardinia-based Salvatore who works closely with the business’ handpicked farmers. Their fresh produce consists of cured meats & cheeses and antipasti & condiments which are predominantly naturally gluten free. It’s a great shop for Coeliacs and their food is simply divine. I’m very pleased that their chef Antonello has contributed five authentic naturally gluten free Sardinian recipes to this cookbook.

Let’s go back to basic cooking and create naturally gluten free recipes from the ever so delightful and tasty Mediterranean Cuisine.



Available on Amazon – £9.99 – paperback – 216 pages – black & whiteC5E349A8-E452-4311-9E6B-74DB27849F5F8A96D235-70DF-4E34-8AD4-94F729398AA6

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