New book update

I’m delighted to announce that I can finally share the latest updates about the new book with you.
The title is going to be ‘The Dog’s Favourite Recipes – 50 delicious and easy made recipes’.
The concept is a combination of a dog recipes reference guide and the culinary adventures of our miniature schnauzer Buster and his human and canine friends.

I’ve been working on this book since July 2016 and it looks like that it is going to be published before April. The book draft version was pretty much ready by early December but there’s been a two month delay after I suffered from a tendonitis injury in my elbow. I guess myself lucky as things could have been worse.

I hope this new book will inspire you to cook healthy home made treats and meals for your dog by using fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, flour, dairy, seeds, herbs, poultry, meat and fish.
The greatest thing about preparing the food yourself is that you know exactly what goes into it. When using fresh food your dog will get natural nutrients, vitamins, calcium and the best thing is their food will be free from additives

The recipes in the new book vary from delicious treats to easy made biscuits, from soup to pizza and from sumptuous roasts to healthy desserts.

I hope you will enjoy reading the stories too. The first story is about Julia Baxter who runs a bakery & patisserie situated in the heart of the Lanes in Brighton where she ends up in a horrible fight with her oven.
Our lovely Waitrose deliverers inspired me to write the second chapter in where Buster cooks a week’s supply of food for his friends. Buster needs to phone Pete for an emergency grocery delivery which gets delivered in unconventional way …
Our home boarder Bev was the inspiration for a story about good witches during Howl O’Ween Eve set in Lewes and the book finishes with a story about the grand opening at the i360!

The inspiration for the last story I wrote was the out of tune disappearance of our friend Kathleen’s schnauzer, Schnapps who went missing for three days during the cold winter. In this story ‘The Dog Goes Bananas!’ you will find out what scary event caused Schnapps to runaway into the hills of Seaford and beyond. It’s a story about Kathleen’s life in which she decides to adopt one of the schnauzers from the pop act the Salt-N-Peppers and she even gets to meet the late Mrs Diana Brimblecombe.

I’ll be posting more exciting news and pictures soon and will keep you posted on the progress of the ‘Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book’!


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