New book cover for Ooh Yes I Woof! the adventures of a miniature schnauzer.

The cover of Ooh Yes I Woof! the adventures of a miniature schnauzer which was released in 2016 has been given a brand new cover. Many of you will remember that the previous cover featured a gorgeous photograph of Buster with black and pink paw prints.

One of the main characters that features in the book is our friend Tracie who used to be Buster’s dog walker. Tracie knew him from since he was a puppy and they always had that special bond between them that only Tracie and Buster will understand.
I’m delighted to announce that the new book cover of Ooh Yes I Woof! now features a drawing of the character Tracie Heart, Buster and his friends whilst she takes them out for a ride through the sky in the Red Speed Demon. The book cover will be in line with the cover of the new book for which I have used the same designIMG_5990.PNG

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