Ghost Story Writing Workshop

Today I took part in the Ghost Story Writing Workshop at the The Regency Town House and all I can say is: it was a fantastic, inspirational and … haunting experience!

You can learn how to use tension, pace and jeopardy to create your own ghost story in a Regency town house rich in history and atmosphere.

The three hour workshop was led by experienced writer and novelist Bridget Whelan, who has nearly 20 years experience of running writing courses & workshops and Jill Vigus, artist and printmaker, who is bringing some fantastic new approaches to ghostly storytelling

Bridget and Jill will allow you to step back into the past. You will be taken on a creative tour of an historic building, produce an instant book that captures new ideas and images and learn how to develop your own chilling stories.

It was a joy to learn new writing approaches, meet and listen to writers and creating an instant book! The kitchen and servant areas in the house are the perfect setting to write new material and as a result a new story will be added to my new project: a short-story collection with a supernatural aspect due to be released in 2019.

If you’re interested, there are still some tickets available for the Ghost Story Writing Workshop on Saturday 20th October, just in time for Halloween!

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