New edition: The Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book

Today I have launched a brand-new edition of The Dog’s Favourite Recipe Book.

The book includes 40 healthy & easy made recipes your dog will love! Biscuits, snacks, baking recipes, dog food, refreshing frozen recipes and Richard’s Favourite Cocktails* (*but only for grown up human consumption!) This new edition includes further reading on dog food, diet, grains, allergies, contamination etc.

Happy baking!

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository – Price: £4.99

Brighton & Hove Book Fayre.

In 2017 the Brighton & Hove Book Fayre was founded by authors Pete Blakey-Novis, Richard and Pete’s wife Leanne. It’s a bi-annual literary event connecting authors and readers, and celebrating books by both traditionally published and independent authors – fiction, non-fiction, supernatural, horror, historical, LGBT, teen and children’s books, plus much more! Keep an eye on my website for the next date and I hope to see you there!

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